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Well hello there...

I am the highest-reviewed escort in the Denton area with over 150 reviews.  This is because I respect my clients and genuinely enjoy knowing that I have improved their day. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, are on the spectrum, or are new to all of this and a little nervous then I would definitely be worth considering. I am normally rather introverted/shy so I've had to learn to be more outgoing and friendly.  But because of this I'm understanding, empathetic, and nonjudgmental. I don't mind talking you through things, won't think you're weird or get offended if your nerves or inexperience cause you to act less than Fonzie level cool.  As long as I'm treated with kindness and respect, everything else will flow.  If this sounds intriguing I would highly recommend that you please read over my website and if you decide you'd like to schedule an appointment please submit your screening info on the "how to book" page first and then text me Please note that my phone is on when I am available and off when I am not. This means that I may not see your message for a day (or two, or three, etc.)  If I don't reply to your message, please don't hesitate to text me again as sometimes I just plain forget, don't see the message, etc. Just make sure to introduce yourself to at least say something more than "hi" or "avail" because I will just ignore those messages.

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